Competent and reliable service from the wind power specialist



On the 1st of September, 1993 I founded the company Kirschbaum Elektrotechnik. At the beginning as a master electrician with one journeyman, we mainly carried out installation tasks. Until one day in 1998 a client asked me to go to his newly-acquired wind turbine in order to support the ongoing service activities. At this point I want to thank this – by the way still loyal and hopefully satisfied – client again, because this experience changed my life radically. I was immediately fascinated and found my vocation.

Since that day we have been working exclusively in the field of wind energy. Of course with time the company developed and grew a bit in size. Nevertheless we maintain a very familiar relationship, which leads to a very special working atmosphere. In addition to that the company’s values have been the same ever since. The fascination and passion are still the engines for my work and even today I can’t rest before the problem (no matter how complicated) is found and fixed.

Furthermore I am always fond of solving new problems, which sometimes can only be solved through cooperation and joint effort. By this means we have developed many friendly business relationships which I wouldn’t want to miss anymore. In these cases competition is only secondary, because by working together you often can achieve very complex projects in a much more efficient and faster way. And in the end it benefits the customer. After all, our common goal is to produce as much clean electricity as possible.

Retrospectively I am very proud of the evolution of the company and am looking forward to what the future will bring us.

Kirschbaum elektrotechnik e.K.

Rotdornstraße 4
03116 Drebkau/OT Domsdorf